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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Four Animation Cushion
New today is the Cherry Blossom Cushion!  This lovely cushion has four animations and is COPY!  You'll find it in the ASIAN vendor, and for now on the NEW ITEMS vendor.  TRY IT in front of the gong in the Pagoda across the road!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Japanese Tea Set & Torii Arches!
Three new releases out for you today!  First is the Japanese Tea Set.  This comes with a 1 prim deco cup, a 1 prim deco Japanese tea pot & a worn tea cup with animations.  These are all COPY so you can set your table with as many as you wish!  You'll find them on the ASIAN vendor and for now on the NEW ITEMS vendor.

The Torii Arches are traditional Japanese arches, or gates, to Shinto sanctuaries or other sacred areas.  I have them in your choice of red or gold.  These are COPY and only 2 prims each, so you can easily have a row of them leading to your special area.  The Torii Arches are on the ASIAN vendor, and for now they are also on the NEW ITEMS vendor.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Time to Dance Bollywood Style!
Most are familiar with the song 'Jai Ho', even if you don't recognize the name, you know it when you hear it.  I have put an amazing Bollywood type dance with the song 'Jai Ho' together in an armband.  Wear the armband, type "on" in local (without the quotes) and enjoy the music and the dance!  Get your friends together, all wearing the 'Jai Ho' Dance Armband and you will have an instant party when someone types the word "on"!  LOADS of fun!  You'll find it across the road at ~XM~ Designs TOYS store WEARABLE vendor, and for now in the NEW ITEM vendor at the main store.  This is COPY!
The Little Buddy Boo shoulder pet is available at the base of the grand staircase in loving memory of Ghost.  See earlier posts for more information.  Little Buddy Boo is being offered to you at no charge.

Monday, April 6, 2015

New Paper Lanterns
Five paper lanterns are out today!  These are only 1 prim each and they are COPY/MOD!  You'll find them on the ASIAN vendor, and for now on the NEW ITEMS vendor.  Take a look:


Saturday, April 4, 2015

In Loving Memory
May 24, 2012 - April 3, 2015
Ghost was a sweet, tender friend, my assistant and always a joy.
She left her Earthly body at sunrise, Friday April 3, 2015
I had made the Little Buddy Boo shoulder pet for her.
For the next week, please pick up Little Buddy Boo at the main shop
as my gift.
Thank you for the message, Ghost.  You will live in my heart & in my mind, always.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

HUGE Release Out Today!
TEN NEW ITEMS out this morning and more to come!  Asian is the theme with some amazing items for you!  Check them out in the Pagoda across the road from the main store!
The Asian Low Table is a wonderful place for Geisha to serve.
This comes with a FREE Vase of Chopsticks!

The Jade Dragon is a stunning piece to include in any d├ęcor.
It's timeless!

Buy the Complete Collection is like getting TWO FREE!

TWO NEW HUNTS have started!