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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

*NEW* Easter Season Pumps!
Purple is certainly a color for the season of Easter.  Hop on out in your Easter outfit wearing these fun and fabulous Purple Passion Pumps!  They include a low lag removable resizing script for a perfect fit and are COPY!  Find them on the PUMPS vender at ~XM~ Designs SHOES Shoppe, and for now, also find them on the SPRING vendor and the NEW ITEMS vender of the main shoppe!

started this week!  This is a 0L hunt and you are looking for an Easter egg.  The hunt gift will have you flying high!

~XM~ Designs TOYS Shoppe has moved!
You can now find ~XM~ Designs TOYS across the road, next to ~XM~ Designs Furniture!  GIFTS await you there!

Friday, March 13, 2015

HUGE Jewelry Release!
Lots of choices for you in Celtic Tribal!  The Celtic Tribal Belly Sets include a low lag removable resizing script belly chain and a belly ring.  The Celtic Tribal Sets have a low lag removable resizing script necklace and matching earrings!  These all can be found in the CELTIC Vendor toward the back right of the main store, and for now in the NEW ITEMS vendor.  I invite you to take a look here:


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Perfect for your Patio or Garden...
Fantastically FUN - Give the Covered Bench Swing a try!  It has four couple animations (the Sit1 is great as two different solo sits, just choose "SWAP" to go between the two) that you Right-Click-Sit to use.  Touch the bench to make it swing, touch again to stop the swing.  TRY IT in the main store!  It is in ~XM~ Designs FURNITURE store and on the summer vendor in the ~XM~ Designs TOYS store!
But WAIT!  There's MORE!
Perfect for the yard, front porch or even in a child's room, introducing the Tree Swing!  This has four solo animations and is COPY.  Invisible sky hooks included!  :)  TRY IT on the Medieval Fantasy Hunt poster tree just off the porch in front of the main store.  You'll find it on the FURNITURE vendors in the Furniture Store and in the Toy Store.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Pirate Pool is HERE!
Complete with 10 animations that two avies may use at the same time, this is COPY with lots of fun extras!  TOUCH the ship's wheel to lower or raise the gangplank!  TOUCH the crate to open or close the cargo hold bars!  TOUCH either mast to run a pirate or friendly flag up the pole!  Dive on into the Pirate Pool!


Friday, March 6, 2015

NEW Jewelry Set!
Jewelry with a Celtic flare is a favorite for many, including myself.  I have made the Celtic Emerald Heart Set for you!  This set includes the necklace with a low lag removable resizing script and a pair of matching earrings.  You'll find them on the SPRING & MARCH vendors, and for now, you'll also find it on the NEW ITEMS vendor.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Newly re-released!
These two jewelry sets have not seen the light of day for years!  Now out, the Pink Spring Tulip Set and the Tulip & Shamrock Set!  Both sets include earrings and necklaces (necklace for chest attachment and one for the spine attachment).  They are both COPY/MOD.  The Pink Spring Tulip Set features pink and green tulips.  The Tulip & Shamrock Set features a tulip in silver with the shamrock forming the bow in gold.  You'll find them on the SPRING vendor which is on the same wall as the NEW ITEM vendor, where they are also located at this moment.  Check them out!

3 New Hunts are now on!
*ENDS* March 20, 2015

*ENDS* March 31, 2015

*ENDS* March 31, 2015

*ENDS* March 31, 2015
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