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Monday, February 23, 2015

This is the biggest, most involved build I've done to date and I would so like for you to TRY IT across the road from the main shoppe!  The ~XM~ Medieval Pool can be above ground, sunken into the ground or be an add-on to another build!  The ramp is a separate COPY/MOD piece so you can change its size or place it on any side of the pool that you'd like.  TWO AVIES can use the Medieval Pool at the same time by RIGHT CLICK SIT on the water or the pool edge!  There are TEN animations, including sun bathing, three dive/jumps and a high dive off of the tower!  The portcullis opens by touching the wooden lever to the right of the portcullis gate.  Please TRY IT and watch for Medieval Pool Add-ons!

~XM~ Medieval Pool Add-on:
Introducing the Life Guard Throne!  This is a single animation COPY seat for the one responsible for keeping swimmers safe!  The Life Guard Throne looks great, feels great and is a great addition to the Medieval Pool!

SURPRISE!  Another Hunt Gift!
I didn't realize I was accepted into the Hugs ~N~ Kisses 3 Hunt that started February 21st.  BUT, I was!  So the ~XM~ Hugs & Kisses Under Glass was made especially for this hunt!  It has two couple animations that you use with RIGHT CLICK SIT, and the glass curtain that raises and lowers when touched.  This is COPY.  Look for the newest hunt poster to the left of the door of the main shoppe!  Here's a look at what you'll be getting once you've found the hunt item:

Saturday, February 21, 2015

A FUN new group gift is out for you!  Put on the pair of 'Party Rock Anthem' Dance Shades, type "ON" and you'll start dancing to the music.  Get a group of people together wearing these and watch what happens if one person types "ON" - INSTANT PARTY!  Loads of fun!  Grab them off of the GROUP vendor (pay 1L$ and get that refunded instantly).

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Another FUN Item - and GORGEOUS too!
If you like to dance, if you like music, esp. Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines", AND if you like a stunning black leather choker with diamonds, then this is for YOU!  Just wear/add and type ON in local chat, and you'll be dancing to the tune the choker provides!  You'll find this on the FUN FINDS vendor and for 25% OFF at the NEW ~XM~ Designs TOYS Shoppe!  It's also currently on the NEW ITEMS vendor.  If you'd like to see it in action, just ask me in-world!

Monday, February 16, 2015

~XM~ Designs TOYS
continues this week!
February 14 - 22, 2015
25% OFF
ALL main floor vendors!
Take the round teleporter just off of the
main store front porch:
Touch, Choose ~XM~ TOYS, Sit
The 'Revolver' Dance Ribbon Ring is a party for one or for MANY!  Wear the ribbon ring, type ON in local and instantly you're listening to the song 'Revolver' and Dancing!  To hear the song, click HERE.  FIND the 'Revolver' Dance Ribbon Ring on the FUN FINDS vendor in the main store, for 25% OFF at the WEARABLE vendor at ~XM~ Designs TOYS, and for now on the NEW ITEMS vendor!  If you'd like to see it in action, just ask me to demo it for you (*IF* I ever take it off!).

Saturday, February 14, 2015

~XM~ Designs TOYS!
February 14 & 15, 2015
A NEW ~XM~ Designs store has opened!
Introducing ~XM~ Designs TOYS!
This store is for the child in all of us, no matter what your age!
FUN ITEMS are what you'll find here!
Take the round teleporter just off of the front porch of the main store
by simply TOUCHING, Choosing ~XM~ TOYS & touch to sit!
THIS WEEKEND, ITEMS in vendors are 25% OFF
on the main floor of ~XM~ Designs TOYS!
*NEW* Today:
My first Petite item is out on the heels of the ~XM~ Music Box Dancer.  Introducing the ~XM~ Petite Music Box Dancer!  This is COPY with the music box ballerina animation and plays "Right Here Waiting (for You)".
More fun is here with the ~XM~ Wacky Paper Air Plane!  This is a fun wearable and COPY.
BOTH ITEMS are on the main store's NEW ITEMS vendor, BUT, GROUP MEMBERS can get these for 25% OFF at the new ~XM~ Designs TOYS Shoppe!

Friday, February 13, 2015

More to make you SMILE!
Okay, I'm just having a whole lot of fun building things that make me smile, giggle and laugh out loud!  I hope they will bring a smile to your face as well!  Please check out the ~XM~ Wacky Surfboard!  Once unpacked, all you have to do is turn off your AO and *wear/add* your COPY Wacky Surfboard, then let the fun begin!  You'll find the ~XM~ Wacky Surfboard on the FUN FINDS vendor, and for now it is also on the NEW ITEMS vendor!

To the Cupid's Formal Ball to be held at Fairport Castle on Saturday, February 14, 2015 at 8:00 pm SLT.  This is a modern black tie formal event.  Check ~XM~ VIP notices for invitation with LM.

Making *YOU* the Star!
When you were young, would you gaze at the ballerina twirling on your music box and wished to be her?  Now you can be!  Touch the ~XM~ Music Box to start "Right Here Waiting (for You)" to play in music box fashion, then right-click sit to become the ballerina!  TRY IT across the road on the Holo vendor at ~XM~ Designs FURNITURE and find it on the FURNITURE vendor, the FUN FINDS vendor and currently on the NEW ITEMS vendor of the main shoppe.  If you need help locating anything, please bop me over the head with an IM in-world and ask!

The FINDING THE FAIRYTALE HUNT is on now through the end of this month.  The hint is:  The series of books by George R. R. Martin aren't fairytales by any means, but the author had people losing their heads to sit here!  You are looking for a blue glass slipper.  Here's an image of the gifts:

The LOVE HUNT is also going on this month.  The hint is:  Looking for love?  You know you're truly blessed when you find it in REAL LIFE too!  (Look for the real life photo.).  You are looking for a deep red heart.  Here is a photo of the gift:

Perryn Peterson and dozens of merchants have done it again!  For an amazing one-stop place with everything you could want for Valentines, I highly recommend making a stop at Valentines in Vegas!  There are all sorts of stores, selling everything from jewelry, shoes and home d├ęcor, to fun Valentine's Day cards to send, and that's just at *MY* store!  LOL  There are also clothing stores and folks selling full perm items and much MUCH more! Check out the HUNT and FREEBIES that are there as well! 
Look for this poster in front of my in-world store and tap for LM!

This is just the FIRST store you'll see!  There are DOZENS MORE!

All of the expected Vegas sites are here!


You'll find my store outlet near this Fabulous Las Vegas sign!

~XM~ Designs

But wait!  There's more!  Starting Saturday, February 14,
you can find EVERYTHING you'll need for Mardi Gras by
following the LM found on this sign!
Don't miss out!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Let's Not Forget the PRINCE!
The Princess Crib came out yesterday and today it's time for the ~XM~ Prince Crib!  Soft, baby blue drapes surround your little prince in this round crib.  The side slides down and raises on touch.  You can right-click sit to gaze and wave at your bundle of joy.  TRY IT across the road on the Holovendor at ~XM~ Designs FURNITURE.  The crib is COPY!


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Oh Baby!
Are you expecting a bundle of joy in your Second Life?  Your little princess deserves the best!  The Princess Crib is stunning with pink rose stained glass, sheer pink draping and soft white & pink floral sheets.  It has one couple animation so you can gaze down at your gift from Heaven and give her a little wave.  17 prims and COPY!  TRY IT across the road at ~XM~ Furniture's Holo vendor!  Find it on the Furniture vendor at the furniture store, and for now, on the NEW ITEMS vendor.

Monday, February 9, 2015

FUN Way to See Yourself!
I certainly hope you have as good of time with this as I've been having!  The ~XM~ Dance Ball - reds is WORN or REZZED.  I've been wearing it while dancing and the silhouette is so much FUN & AMAZING!  I have a Dance Ball set up just inside the shop for you to walk into to see your own silhouette - TRY IT!  Do a dance inside and see how much fun it is!  This is COPY and can be found on the FUN FINDS vendor, and for now on the NEW ITEMS vender, AND, it costs ONLY 10 L!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

FOUR NEW ITEMS tonight! 
First, the famous Titanic piece worn by Mrs. Cabaret is now a BELLY RING!  This is a very elegant and stunning piece and looks AMAZING worn!  It is COPY and can be found on the FUN FINDS & VINTAGE vendors, and for now on the NEW ITEMS vendor.

The other NEW items all have a peacock theme.  Peacock feathers go hand in hand with Mardi Gras (only ten days away!).  The Peacock Feathered Mask can be found on the FUN FINDS vendor, the HEAD ACCESSORIES vender, the MARDI GRAS vendor and for now on the NEW ITEMS vendor.  This is COPY & MOD!

The Peacock Feather Wings can be found on the FUN FINDS vendor, the MARDI GRAS vendor and for now on the NEW ITEMS vendor.  They are COPY!

Finally, the Peacock Feather Ribbon Flats have a low lag removable resizing script and are COPY.  They can be found on the FLATS vendor located at ~XM~ Designs SHOES Shoppe, and currently can be found on the NEW ITEMS vendor.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Elegant & Romantic Curtained Bath
Relax in the comfort of warm water with someone special in this elegant and romantic Curtained Bath.  Enjoy six couple animations.  Open and shut the curtains on all four sides.  TRY IT in shop or on the Furniture Store's Holo vendor across the road.  Find it in the FURNITURE vendor at the Furniture Store, and for now, in the NEW ITEMS vendor of the main shoppe.  The Curtained Bath comes in blue or red and is COPY.