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Saturday, November 29, 2014

3 Tree Skirts, an Adult Item & a New Hunt Gift!
You thought Santa's elves were busy?  You should hang around my work bench some day!  Actually, you wouldn't want to do that.  BUT there are 3 new tree skirts!  I've placed ALL of my tree skirts on the NEW ITEMS vendor and the HOLIDAY vendor for you.  These are trans. 

Shoveling snow isn't the most fun, so often times we hear the phrase, "Screw shoveling!".  Well, I say, "Okay!".  Here is a fun way to keep Winter days sizzling hot!  TRY IT from the Holo Vendor up in the Adult Shoppe (take teleporter out front).  This is COPY!
ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS HUNT will be starting Monday!  I know some people who have this as their Winter Wish, so I've made this as the hunt gift (Good luck, to you know who you are!):

Please don't miss your opportunity to do the Roam the Realm IV Hunt!  It ends this Sunday night (November 30, 2014).  Over 20 free items for men & women.  If you need extra hints, please ASK XMarieX Fairport.

Sit on Santa's lap daily for fantastic gifts!


Friday, November 28, 2014

Here to light your way
Four braziers to light your path, your home, your castle, your jousting list or ANYWHERE!  Only 1 prim with 3 flame settings and COPY!  TRY IT next to the NEW ITEMS board or one similar at the Realm of Fairport Jousting List.  See them here:

The Nawty Trick or Treaters Hunt
Roam the Realm IV Hunt
Need extra hints?  Just bop XMarieX Fairport over the head with an IM - she'd be happy to assist!

Monday, November 24, 2014

My New Favorite Pumps!
I have a new favorite pair of pumps as of right now!  The Ruby Holly Green Velvet Pumps are so luxurious and gorgeous!  I'm going to be wearing these out!  Thankfully, shoes don't wear out on Second Life and you only need to pick up one pair!  The Ruby Holly Green Velvet Pumps have a cluster of holly berries made out of rubies and two holly leaves on the side of the toe and on the heel of each shoe.  They come with a low lag removable resizing script and are COPY.  You'll currently find them on the NEW ITEMS vendor, as well as on the HOLIDAY & the PUMPS vendors.  Take a look right here:

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Making a Comeback!
The emerald & the ruby centered snowflake jewelry are now in sets!  Snowflakes make such lovely jewelry pieces (because you don't need to shovel them!).  The necklaces have a low lag removable resizing script in them and all pieces in the sets are COPY.  Take a look:

SANTA is at ~XM~ Designs!
You can't miss this big guy!  Visit daily for a gift of jewelry, shoes, deco.... who knows what this jolly man in red might give you!  All YOU need to do is sit on his lap (right click - sit here) and let him know if you've been NAUGHTY or NICE!
(Marie seems to deserve a spanking!  Kiva will make sure it happens!)
ROAM THE REALM IV HUNT will *END* at midnight on November 30, 2014.  There are over 20 free gifts.  Roam by FOOT, by HORSEBACK (provided) or by CARRIAGE (provided).  Touch the sign for MAP & HINTS!  Here are some of the gifts:

THE NAWTY TRICK OR TREATERS HUNT will *END* at midnight on November 30, 2014.
LET'S GIVE THANKS HUNT 2 runs until December 20, 2014.
Hunts should be FUN, not frustrating!  If you need extra hints, PLEASE ASK!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Shoe Heaven!
Wonderful Seasonal Poinsettia Plaid Pumps are finally HERE!  These took awhile to get off of my work bench, but I think they are so worth it!  The Poinsettia Plaid Pumps have eight poinsettia blooms reaching around from the heel to the toe of the shoe.  They have a low lag removable resizing script for a perfect fit and are COPY!  You will find them on the HOLIDAY, NEW ITEMS and PUMPS vendors.  Take a look:

Friday, November 21, 2014

New Hunt Starts Today!
The Let's Give Thanks Hunt 2 has started!  This is a hunt that uses a HUD (pay 1L$ for the HUD and get the L$ refunded).  I personally feel it's a royal pain for several reasons and will not be participating in this type of hunt again.  HOWEVER, you can also click the HUNTS AT ~XM~ Designs kiosk on the porch to get the hint and you should be able to just TOUCH to get the gift.  IT ONLY GIVES THE GIFT ONCE PER AVI, so please be careful with that as well. 

The gift is COPY and is a fun, sweet Thankful for Holiday Cuddles Blanket with festive pillows.  It has three cuddles and two kisses.  See it here:
(Tree can be found on the HOLIDAY vendor)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

More Shoes!
There are more new shoes in store, this time in my favorite color:  PLAID!  These shoes are fabulous for any time of year, but boast that holiday red color.  The Holiday Red Plaid Pumps have a low lag removable resizing script for a perfect fit and are copy.  You'll find them on the HOLIDAY, PUMPS and NEW ITEMS vendors.  You can also see them right here:

Monday, November 17, 2014

*NEW* Shoes!
Snow has fallen in my Real Life and the holidays are quickly approaching!  Let's step into the holiday spirit with these new Christmas Swirl Pumps!  These are COPY and have a low lag removable resizing script for a perfect fit.  No need to buy fake feet to wear these shoes!  See them here:

Roam the Realm IV Hunt
There are over 20 gifts waiting for you!  Roam by foot or by horse back (provided) or carriage (provided) as you pick up lots of gifts made for you by our Realm merchants!  Now through November 30, 2014.  Click HERE for information!

Monday, November 3, 2014

*NEW* Furniture!
Have you picked up your 20+ gifts on the Roam the Realm IV Hunt?  One of the gifts is a gorgeous dining table with a lovely tasseled table runner.  The chair that matches the table is COPY so you can have dinner for one or dinner for 12, or have extra seating for your holiday gatherings!  There are four different animations in this amazing dining (or just sit and visit) chair.  You'll find it in the NEW ITEMS vendor of the main store and across the street at the ~XM~ Designs FURNITURE Shoppe.  See it here:

The Chaise Lounge is also available now!  This comes in green and in silver and is COPY.  It has five couple animations and almost all look REALLY GOOD as solo animations as well.  It's like getting a lot more animations in just one piece!  Currently, you can find it the same place as the dining chair and you may TRY IT in the main store as well!  Check them out:

See a few of the many gifts for
Roam the Realm IV
(TOUCH the large sign in world for MAP and HINTS)